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Unlimited For Profit Use

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How To Credit Songs


Writer Credit: This is a 50/50 split (You/Me)


Publisher Credit:


Performer/Producer Credit:




Register with your PRO Register with your PRO (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), enter the same writer/publisher credits and splits as above.


Important: When you release songs that use my music, you must credit the proper collaborating writer, performer and publisher listed in the license. Enter the accurate writer/publisher info and email address in the “additional artists” and “publisher” sections when uploading your songs to your distributor. Do not register with any Content ID systems (this will cause problems for other artists using the beat).


SYNC LICENSING: If you sync your release to film, tv, commercial advertising etc., contact me.  



Who can use beats?

Anyone. Artists, rappers, producers, remixers, lyricists, record labels….You just need to create your own new song or remix from it (i.e. you can’t just re-release the track as it is, you need to add a new compositional component like vocals).


How do I get paid for the songs I produce and release?

When you release your songs through a company like Distrokid, they track all payments from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. and distribute the money directly to each collaborating artist.


Is this a creative commons license?

No. This is a Commercial Use license. You can promote, distribute, perform and sell your songs as much as you want.


Do I need a license to use your beats?

Yes. You must register and download a license to use my beats and instrumentals.


I downloaded a free beat, do I need a license to use it?

Yes. You must have a license to release it commercially. If you downloaded a free beat AND received a license agreement with it, you’re good to go.

If you downloaded a free mp3 and did not get a license agreement with you, you need to acquire a license to use it for profit. Check out the bulk deals, you can get a bunch free.


If it’s free, why do I need a license?

This protects all parties involved and guarantees we each receive proper credit for our collaboration. For free beats means there’s no licensing fee, but the license agreement is still required to establish the terms of use


Who owns the copyrights to the songs I produce?

You own the copyrights to the sound recordings you produce and release using my beats. I retain the copyrights to the original beats and instrumentals that were used.


Is it really unlimited use?

Yes, Unlimited For Profit Use distribution license. Every license includes unlimited usage rights for monetized song distribution, sales, streams, downloads, radio broadcast, performances, associated music videos and promotion.


Can I resell your beats?

No. Reselling, repackaging or distributing my beats or samples is strictly prohibited.

If someone samples your song, they must get a proper use license (that’s how YOU get paid). See your license agreement for details.


Do you offer exclusive beat licenses?

Not through this platform. Get in touch for work-for-hires.


What format are your sound files?

All beats are delivered digitally through BeatStars as 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV & MP3 files. You can also download a tagged mp3 version free. They’re mixed to industry standards and radio-ready.


Why is the file I received quieter than the one I heard online?

The files you receive for production are mixed at a lower output volume than the sample tracks, usually ~3-9db (called “headroom”). This is to allow sonic space for your vocals, instruments and mixing/mastering. Once you’ve recorded and produced your mix, you’ll output at 0db. Your engineer can help with this. Distrokid and other distributors also offer super affordable mastering services.


What are TRACK OUTS and do I need them?

TRACK OUTS (sometimes called STEMS) are separate audio files of each individual instrument in a song. They offer more editing and mixing flexibility. Some producers and artists prefer to use them. All my beats are available as trackouts. 25% Off with coupon code TRACKOUT25.


I recieved a copyright claim on my YouTube Video. What do I do?

Don’t worry! It’s not a copyright strike and your video won’t be take down. 

I use Identifyy to protect my music. If the copyright claim is from HAAWK on behalf of Synthco Music Group (my label) or This.Is.Massive, you can ignore it. If you’ve licensed my music, submit your license to YouTube to have the claim removed.

Sometimes Content ID makes mistakes and claims the wrong copyright. If the claim against your video does not reference HAAWK, Synthco Music Group or This.Is.Massive, dispute the claim and submit your license along with the correct artist info to YouTube.


My recommended distributors: Distrokid